Community Guidelines


  1. All users must register with an account before posting
  2. No files may be uploaded
  3. All posts must be verified by a moderator before posting
  4. Word limit of 500 words will be imposed
  5. Suspicious activity will be flagged with a plugin, then reviewed
  6. Users must be respectful
  7. Users must not use inappropriate or offensive language
  8. Out of control discussions will result in a mute/ban
  9. No copyrighted content may be posted
  10. All conversations must be lawful
  11. False or misleading information will result in a fact check and/or removal from the comments if it is fake.
  12. Have fun, this is a place for constructive criticism and discussion, please do not take everything seriously. 

Alansjourneys reserves the right to refuse service for any reason at any time. To appeal a ban email Questions can be emailed to

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