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  • Process Post #12: Community Guidelines

    For process post #12 we will be looking at developing community guidelines that are suitable for my site. Community guidelines are very important to protecting all users of the internet no matter who you are. This is especially important on the internet as there is no way to verify if a person is who they […]

  • Process Post #11: Alan’s Radio Station

    For this week’s post we will be looking at a plan to incorporate more transmedia into my online publication.  Transmedia is basically other forms of media that can integrate into your current online publications. For example, the “Pokemon as transmedia storytelling” says it the best, where you can “watch… it on TV, playing the games […]

  • Process Post #10: SeOHno!

    For this week’s process post, I will be talking about the various data that we have collected so far to date and trying to make sense of it.  Upon opening Google Analytics, we are greeted with our home page, and what has occurred within the past 7 days. I quickly changed it to the past […]

  • Process Post #9: Targeted

    For this week’s process post, we will be talking about the implications of analytics and cookies everywhere you go on the internet. No matter where you go, you are being followed on the internet through something called cookies. Whenever you visit a website, cookies are most likely being added to your browser to track you […]

  • Essay: Social Media and How The Bird Moderates

    Social media is something that we all use, as it is one of the most important facets of our everyday lives. However, there are many factors that influence social media and what we end up seeing. These factors include moderation, which is the control of information based off site policies and terms of use. Another […]

  • Process Post #8: CopyRight isn’t always right

    For this week’s process post, we will be talking about content and copyright in the digital world. Ever since the introduction of digital media, there have been a lot more ways to both create and distribute content.  However, this also comes with its unique challenges, as it also means that it is a lot harder […]

  • Process Post #7: Why not both?

    For this week’s process post, I will be talking about whether social media expands or narrows our view.  To answer that question, I think that social media does a bit of both expanding and narrowing our views.  Social media expands our view because it allows us to see stuff that happens across the world through […]

  • Process Post #6: Old Reddit?

    For this week’s process post, I would like to examine and their design strategies. is a site that provides a forum for people to post almost anything they desire on the platform. There is a homepage, subreddits (communities), and the users which post comments and up/downvote. Upon entering the site, you can immediately […]

  • Process Post #5: One Man Band

    For this week’s process post we will investigate what editing and genres entail, and how accessible websites are made.  An editor is something that I would define as someone who edits and double checks the work of anyone. This can be themselves, or someone else, but they are always checking the work of other people. […]

  • Process Post #4: Who?

    For this week’s adventure we would like to look at what audience I have been imagining would access my content.  According to Boyd’s reading “Searching for a public of their own” she states that “Emily looks for places where she can hang out, joke around with friends and simply be herself” (Boyd, 2014).  Just like […]

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