Category: Mini Assignments

  • Mini Assignment #6: Hanging on the Edge CN Tower

    For screen readers: Gif of Alan facing forward on the edge of CN Tower and leaning over the edge in red jumpsuit.

  • Mini Assignment #5: Online Self

    For screen readers: Alan’s Online Self Digital Footprint Most commonly used Social Media Sites most commonly used by Alan include Youtube, Reddit, Instagram, Linkedin, and Messenger Does Alan Post? No, Alan does not post lots online as he values his privacy. How much time does Alan spend on social media? According to Screen Time, Alan […]

  • Mini Assignment #4: DJ Alan

    DJ Alan Remix of Good Catch (Black Caviar Remix) Original Good Catch (Black Caviar Remix) Audio Source: Falls under fair use policy, for educational purposes only, please DO NOT download or redistribute. Terms of Use for the website are available at the bottom of the page.

  • Mini Assignment #3: Going to work with a cop

  • Mini Assignment #2: Black Adam Interview

    Hi Everyone, today we have the privilege to be joined by one of DC’s newest superheroes, Black Adam.  Alan: Thanks for agreeing to sit down for an interview, we will be asking you a few questions, and congratulations on finally coming back. Alan: Black Adam, what do your powers bring you? Black Adam: Nothing but […]

  • Mini Assignment #1: Meme

    *FOR ACCESSIBILITY/SCREEN READERS* Top Pane: 4 people with boss in brown shirt saying “We need to improve our website” Middle Pane: 3 people with guy in green shirt saying “New Layout”, girl in purple shirt saying “New Theme”, and guy in sky blue shirt saying “Adding so many plugins that the website crashes” Lower Pane: […]

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