About Me

Close up of Alan wearing yellow rainjacket behind the falls

About page:

Alan is a fourth year Communications scholar that is also pursuing a minor degree in Social Justice Education. Alan was born in 2001, is 21 years old, and has lived in the city of Richmond, BC for most of his life. 

He strives to share his Journeys of his life, and other things through his blog, which aims to enlighten readers about new experiences that readings may not have known about. These include new restaurants that people may not have tried, to other newer experiences such as rock climbing. Activities and food such as these are things that can be life changing and super enlightening.

Alan also runs various student clubs which include the Bowling 300 club in which we aim to give an experience every time that is a STRIKE. Outside of school and student clubs, he enjoys doing exercise and weight lifting as it helps him destress. Hopefully you reach enlightenment after reading my various contributions and I welcome you to join me on my Journeys!

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