Adventure #11: I’ve Fallen And Can’t Get Up

Summary / Quick Breakdown 🏃‍♂️ :

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Location 📌:  Niagara Fall, ON, Canada

Good 👍 : Truly breathtaking views

Bad 👎 :  Long lines for attractions, very busy, expensive

Price 💰 : $$$

For my eleventh adventure I would like to talk about my experience going to Niagara Falls for the first time. 

Niagara Falls is a really large waterfall located in the bordering provinces of Ontario and Buffalo. You can enter and see the waterfall from either side as that is how the border was divided back then.

Wide shot of Niagara Falls with lots of people
Picture of the Falls

To get there, I decided to purchase a Go-Train ticket that included transit when you got to Niagara Falls. The train ride takes a good few hours and can be a pain if you do not have data since the train only provides limited Wi-Fi. 

The train, however, was decently comfortable and cannot be beat for only $25 round-trip. It has washrooms and takes around the same amount of time as a bus would. I almost ended up missing the train, but thankfully the conductor was nice enough to let me on. 

Once I got there, I took the bus down to the city center where I was struggling to find something to eat. Eventually I stumbled upon a decently priced sushi place inside a casino, and that’s where I ended up eating. Everything else there was a lot higher than regular due to it being in a tourist area. 

Close up of my sushi lunch

After eating I visited the falls and some attractions like the Behind The Falls, where you could be behind Niagara Falls. 

Close up of being Behind The Falls
Behind The Falls

However, I will not recommend it to anyone other than visiting the first deck. The lines were really long, and challenged my claustrophobic self, even though I am not that scared of confined spaces 

Wide shot of the long lines to get to viewpoint
Long Lines

After visiting Behind The Falls, I visited some other attractions like Niagara’s Fury, which was a 4D theater experience, I decided to head back to the train terminal so I would not get stranded at the Falls.

All in all, I would recommend that you visit it once no matter how expensive it is, as it is truly a breathtaking experience. However, skip some of the gimmicks like behind the falls and instead take the boat ride to be in the middle of the Falls.  

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