Adventure #7: Want Beef?

Summary / Quick Breakdown 🏃‍♂️ :

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  

Location 📌: 5095 Yonge St 2nd Floor, North York, ON M2N 6Z4

Good 👍 : Unlimited all you can eat of various expensive meats

Bad 👎 : Debit Card only unless you pay 1% extra, meat can be very fatty and unhealthy

Price 💰 : $$$$

For my seventh adventure I would like to talk about Shinta Japanese BBQ, which is an All-You-Can-Eat located in North York Ontario, at the Empress Walk Mall.

Wide shot of Empress Walk mall atrium
Atrium of Empress Walk mall

Shinta Japanese BBQ offers All-You-Can-Eat in three grades, which have various different price points and various meats for you to choose from.

I personally went with the Gold option, which costs $139.99 on weekdays, and $145.99 on weekends. The reason why I went with this option is because I was on vacation, and it is not worth pinching pennies especially when you’ve already spent so much to go there.

This option included all the various nice meats like Wagyu, which is a Japanese cow that has been pampered its whole life. They give those cows massages and ensure that they are raised as stress free as possible since stress causes the meat to toughen up.

After placing the order, they returned shortly with a huge platter of various meats, which all looked delicious.

Close up of Waygu meats
Various Meats
Close up of Waygu meats
Various meats

There is a grill at the table to cook all your meats, and that is something you would have to do by yourself.

Close up of table with grill
Picture of the table with grill

As most of the meats are beef, after a quick sear you should pull them off the grill as that is the best way to eat it.

I ended up going through two of the platters of meats that were brought to me, and that was a low point since all the meats were quite fatty. 

However, I had no choice since most All-You-Can-Eat food places enforce mandatory zero food waste rules and will charge you more if you waste food. This restaurant would charge market rates, and that would be pretty expensive considering how much the meat usually costs. 

All in all, if you’ve worked out, or just looking for a place to gorge on high quality delicious meats at a decent price in Canada, look no further than Shinta Japanese BBQ.

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