Process Post #5: One Man Band

For this week’s process post we will investigate what editing and genres entail, and how accessible websites are made. 

An editor is something that I would define as someone who edits and double checks the work of anyone. This can be themselves, or someone else, but they are always checking the work of other people.

This is while a writer is always the one who writes content and posts it or sends it off to be posted.

Basically, an editor is someone who checks stuff, and a writer is that one who makes stuff to be checked. 

Personally, for the purpose of this blog, I am both the writer and the editor, as I make the content that I end up editing.

However, it is not completely uncommon in places like publishing companies to have one person write, and another person double check their work. 

One difference between the two is that an editor can technically be automated, as spell check and apps like Grammarly technically edit work for others. 

In terms of an accessible website, I decided to add the plugin One Click Accessibility to ensure that all users can access and enjoy my content. The plugin includes tools like changing text size, various colors, and font changes to make my content more readable. 

I also personally added descriptions to any pictures with alt-text, and plan to describe things where alt-text is not available.

Inclusion is a huge part of our website, as we want to make sure that everyone can access a site to find adventures to go on.

All in all, finding the difference between a writer and an editor has shown how the lines can be quite blurry. Furthermore, we found out how our accessibility initiatives in this process post help ensure that everyone can access our content. 

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