Process Post #4: Who?

For this week’s adventure we would like to look at what audience I have been imagining would access my content. 

According to Boyd’s reading “Searching for a public of their own” she states that “Emily looks for places where she can hang out, joke around with friends and simply be herself” (Boyd, 2014). 

Just like Emily, I think that most people want a place where they can hang out, joke around, and simply be themselves.

That is one factor that I took into consideration when making this platform, as I wanted to make sure that my house (website) felt like it was your house too. 

This is why all posts are open to commenting so that people can hang out and joke around and ask questions about the adventures or anything else. 

My audience is targeted towards people who like to have fun and go enjoy new experiences. These people from my experience have more social tendencies, and that is why allowing them to comment might help them make new friends with common interests. 

Basically, I based my entire website off my own personality and the personalities of my rock climbing friends at SFU. All of them are very sociable and adventurous just like my target audience.

Therefore, the website has a very minimalist design, with elements that signify adventure. This includes the flag icon, which represents being able to be free, and the sovereignty of a country that protects its citizens. People in the military are the ones who help guarantee that we have our essential rights and freedoms, and that is why we want to pay tribute to the concept of flags.

It also includes the theme, which has a bird to signify freedom and being able to fly around easily, like an airplane.

The minimalist elements and simple menus signify how they should be able to quickly navigate to adventures to pick one and just go do it. Personally, I am a very spontaneous person, and like randomly doing big projects just simply based on a random thought.

My website design is made in a way which does not try and get you to linger long on the website, but rather contribute or post about it in the comments after experiencing it.  

Too much time spent on the website means that it’s not enough time experiencing the activities. 

All in all, my target audience is adventurous and social people, who want to quickly read through an experience and be able to quickly experience it, before coming back and contributing to the website through the comment section. 


Boyd, Danah. 2014 “Searching for a public of their own.” It’s Complicated. pp 213-227

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