Adventure #4: Gone Fishin

Close up of various sushi nigiri and rolls
Assorted sushi and rolls

Summary / Quick Breakdown 🏃‍♂️ :

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Location 📌: Matzusushi, 4-3130 St Johns St, Port Moody, BC V3H 5E3

Good 👍 : Food is really authentic, food is fresh, great value 

Bad 👎 : Although it is great value, it is still quite expensive.

Price 💰 : $$$

For my fourth adventure I would like to focus on one of the new restaurants that I just had the pleasure of visiting. The place is called Matzusushi and is located in Port Moody, BC. 

Matzusushi is a very unassuming Japanese restaurant as it is basically a hole in wall of one of the many commercial shopping complexes in Port Moody. 

Upon entering the hole in the wall, you are immediately greeted by very cozy decor, and it feels as if you had just entered someone’s house. The two Japanese couples that run the restaurant are very warm and friendly. That is where your perception of this being a bad place should end, as you are definitely in for a treat!

Ordering was a breeze as I had brought along a Japanese friend, but if you do not have such a privilege, go in with some patience in mind as they do not speak English fluently. With that in mind, they are really trying their best as a first-generation immigrant. As someone whose parents immigrated 20 years ago to a place that is unknown, I really sympathize with their courage to start a new life of unfamiliarity after being in a familiar place for so long.

The chef was apparently quite well known in Japan, as he had served celebrity clients with his amazing sushi. 

Once the food came out, I knew I was in for a treat, as the sushi looked really authentic. The first few bites were mind-blowing to say the least. Usually, I am used to sushi places that have lower quality fish, and the fish tasted a lot more fishier.

Even the fish that usually would taste really really fishy, which I believe is called the squid, did not taste fishy at all here.

I personally had the set meals, which consisted of Rice, Sashimi (Tuna, Salmon, Squid?), and Nigiri (Tuna, Salmon, Squid?), and 3 California Rolls. Overall, I would rate it a 5/5, but as the portions were a bit small, I had to order two of them to satisfy my appetite.  

Close up of assorted Sashimi
Assorted sashimi

This would be the only detractor, but any good food eaten with huge portions can become bad eventually anyways.

Whether or not you have Japanese friends with you, this place is always a good treat after studying for a long day!

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