Mini Assignment #2: Black Adam Interview

Close up portrait of Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Black Adam
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Hi Everyone, today we have the privilege to be joined by one of DC’s newest superheroes, Black Adam. 

Alan: Thanks for agreeing to sit down for an interview, we will be asking you a few questions, and congratulations on finally coming back.

Alan: Black Adam, what do your powers bring you?

Black Adam: Nothing but heartache.

Alan: How do you feel about saving Kahndaq?

Black Adam: It feels like the right thing to do, however just know that I am neither a villain or a hero. 

Alan: Do you have a workout routine that you stick to?

Black Adam: No, as my son sacrificed his life to save me, and that gives me ultimate powers. I am fueled by the rage of that incident. 

Alan: What was your best moment fighting?

Black Adam: When the mirror person set off all those dimensions, I was quite confused as to what I should do to defend myself against the attacks.

Alan: What food do you eat?

Black Adam: I eat the losses of my opponents, as winning is what gives me energy.

Alan: What’s your favorite song?

Black Adam: Personally I prefer Face Off by Tech N9ne, it really helps me put in the work, put in the hours, and take what’s ours. 

Alan: With our time in this interview coming to an end, is there anything you want people to know?

Black Adam: Do not try to mess with me and Kahndaq, as I will always step in, even though I am neither a villain or hero. 

Alan: Thanks for your time, and don’t forget to see the historical show Black Adam, as he defends Kahndaq from the evils of the corrupting crown.

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